Wardrobe Essentials: Twelve (12) Must-Have Pieces In A Woman’s Closet

As the fashion environment has been always evolving every now and then, from different wholesale clothes like wholesale dresses, wholesale jackets or wholesale jeans, it would be undeniably true that every woman has to update her wardrobe as well.

In this updated post, a few basic essentials are added for every women’s clothing, or say, OOTD needs.

 1. Plain White Tee. May it be round-neck or V-neck; a shirt will always be a woman’s buddy. it’s simple. It’s fresh. It’s comfy. It can be paired with anything and everything – jeans, slacks, or skirt. You can buy wholesale tees at any quantity you want. You can even choose different sets of colors that you can match with anything. Trust me, it will be the most comfortable clothing wear ever…though it depends on where you are going and what you will be doing!

2. Dress. There are various dresses that a woman should own and it depends on the occasion that you are attending. Say, you are attending a party; a black or red sleek dress will go well. Also called as LBD or sometimes “cocktail dress”, its ultra sophisticate. Put on a sparkling jewelry or an elegant scarf as an accessory and you’ve got yourself a stylish evening getup. If the weather also permits, you can wear summer dresses that would keep your feminine side on a chic hip! Opt for a fabric that is lightweight and fits like a glove to accentuate your figure but at the same time hide flaws.


3. Trouser pants. Black, gray, or off-white, it never goes out of style. Perfect for office gals, it can be mixed and matched with a casual or formal top. Either this or black leggings. The latter, if simultaneously worn with an oversized sweater or tunics can show off long legs.

4. Skirts. Again, it depends on what you will be using for an occasion. It would always pay off keeping at least one or two that you could change more often. Go for skater skirts, pencil cuts and the more sophisticated ones. Select also the ones that make you appear slimmer. Suitable length would be just above the knee if you want it a bit daring. Some would also prefer having skirts that are at ankle-length, for some reasons. Anything would do, as long as you know how to style those away!

5. Denims. Boyfriend jeans are quite a hip right now and these are total celebrity wear-ons. You can always match them with you favorite tops or blouses, adding up a blazer. For a complete look, simply match it with flats or heels for a laidback or semi-formal style. Visit wholesale streetwear stores for a wide variety of selection. Aim for great fitting; wrinkle free ones to attain that flattering look.



6. Cardigans. Black or white, it can be preppy or classy. It’s timeless. Cardigans are the kind of clothes that you would want to wear especially if you want to look conservative, just a bit, or tweak it to look sophisticated. Wear it over a sexy outfit to dress it up or together with jeans and white shirt to dress it down. Another option to consider is a black blazer, for formal wear or go for floral ones for a more casual get up.

7. Plaid. These are often associated as a men’s garment but chics dig these as well, you know? Plaid tops are most often associated if you want to look a bit rugged or laidback.

8. Undergarments.  The total must-haves every woman should need to have, of course! Three types underwear that should be in your checklist are:

  • Underpants or panties. Brief or full bikini made in cotton material for daily ensemble; thong or something similar for special affairs. Always settle on seamless ones.
  • Brassiere. T-shirt, nude or convertible wireless bra is basically trend-proof. Choose the one that naturally highlights your assets.
  • Others: black or white basic slip, stockings/pantyhose, and girdle

9. Stockings. Basic ones to add some tone on your outfit. These can match up with dainty shorts or nifty skirts over your favorite Doc Martens.

10. Accessories. Pearl is a must. Collect basic jewelry like earrings, bracelet and necklace. Include belts and patterned scarf.

11. Bags. Save one for work, another for a day and an evening use. It could be a purse or a tote bag.

12. Shoes. Store ballet flats and classic black pumps with heels not more than 2 ½ inches tall for maximum comfort. Those fashion boots… forget them not!


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